What’s the best age to get braces?

Here at Smile Studio, we’re Zachary’s favorite place to find their smile! 

Now that that’s settled, let’s get to it – braces. You’ve been thinking about them. 

You’ve been watching your smile, and you think maybe there’s some room for improvement. 

Maybe you wake up with headaches, and you’ve heard that tooth alignment issues can lead to grinding your teeth at night. (spoiler alert: it totally can) 

Whatever the reason, somehow, you’ve found yourself wondering whether it isn’t time to bite the bullet. (Metaphorically, that is. Please don’t. That would be seriously bad for your teeth!)

Good news! Smile Studio is your friendly neighborhood smile factory, and we’re here to tell you there are tons of great reasons to take the plunge! Let’s talk about a few of them and figure out the answer to the question: what’s the best age to get braces? 

So, who needs braces? 

It turns out that the best age to get braces is…whatever age you need them! That may sound silly but bear with us. The American Association of Orthodontists identifies the average age to begin orthodontic treatment as 10-12 years old. That’s when most kids will have finished the process of losing their primary (baby) teeth, and the permanents will have grown in. Ok, so that’s the best age, right? 

Hold on! The same article also recommends that every child receive a consultation by age seven. This is so Dr. White can determine whether permanent teeth are growing in an ideal fashion, as well as determine whether certain procedures need to take place. In the case she recommends treatment for your child at this age, you will hear about two-phase treatment. This can be important for a child’s development in the case of certain jaw growth issues or early manifestations of bite problems. 

So far, we’ve talked about braces in the context of children. And sure, orthodontic treatment is most common in children, as we’ve discussed. But did you know that more and more people are looking into treatment options in adulthood? It’s true! It turns out that roughly one in every five new patients here at Smile Studio and across the country are adults. But why is that? Well, let’s take a closer look at all the advantages that come with seeking orthodontic treatment as an adult. 

What's the best age to get braces?

Increased Self-Confidence

Who doesn’t want to love what they see in the mirror? Adult orthodontic treatment is more popular than you may think, with one out of about every five patients over eighteen, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. 

And why is that? Well, one super great reason to get adult corrective treatment is that there’s never been a better time to tweak your smile! Modern-day braces are nothing like you might remember. They’ve got stronger, more lightweight material, fewer cumbersome additive parts, and less discomfort! Here at Smile Studio, we offer custom ceramic (clear) brackets. They’re practically invisible and as unique as your fingerprint. 

Studies clearly show the correlation between a positive self-image and happiness outcomes along numerous metrics, from romantic to financial. Crazy to think what a difference a smile can make! 

Better Treatments, Faster. 

Not only are braces better than ever, but with amazing new innovations like Brava™ Hidden Braces, Dr. White and Dr. Carter can get you smiling quicker than ever! 

Unlike traditional brackets, the Brava system employs independent movers customized to your treatment goals on the back of the teeth. 

This means that not only are they completely hidden, but also that the increased degree of control allows for more efficient use of your time! 

Be sure and ask Dr. White and Dr. Carter about Brava™ and what their cutting-edge tech can do for you during your appointment! The system treats cases ranging from mild to complex malocclusion, so there’s nothing stopping you from experiencing the next wave of corrective care. 

Not only that, but in our dedication to implementing the latest in best practices and cutting-edge orthodontic tech, we proudly offer Grin™ remote monitoring to our patients. This allows you to meet with Dr. White and Dr. Carter remotely for certain issues, leading to fewer office visits for you and a clearer picture of how your treatment is shaping up day-to-day! What’s not to love? 

Better Oral Health.

We don’t just get braces to look better! The little nooks and crannies caused by crooked teeth are a perfect place for all sorts of little nasties to brew! It turns out that no matter how well you brush and floss if your teeth are poorly aligned, there is an increased risk of gum disease like periodontitis. 

Once you’ve begun a course of treatment withDr. White and Dr. Carter and the team, you’ll experience a complete clean regarding your dental hygiene. Your gums will thank you! 

Avoid Jawbone Erosion and TMJ 

Speaking of gums, it turns out that the domino effect set off by improperly aligned teeth can lead to gum loss, which can lead to a phenomenon called jawbone erosion! Eek! 

It’s just as bad as it sounds. As the bone of the jaw is weakened, this can lead to adverse outcomes such as bruxism (grinding of teeth). As the situation deteriorates, you may develop a temporomandibular disorder, more commonly known as TMJ. 

This can make chewing difficult and lead to jaw pain and annoying clicking. Take it from us – it’s not worth it. 

What's the best age to get braces?

Don’t Wait; Pick a Date! 

Here at Smile Studio, we’re dedicated to developing proactive relationships based on trust and excellent service with the members of our community. 

And that’s what you are to Dr. White, Dr. Carter and the rest of the team. Not just a client. We’re proud to make our practice right alongside you because we know that Zachary is a whole lot more than just a place – it’s home! And when you make a home, you want to do right by the people in it. 

We do right by our people by delivering the highest quality orthodontic service possible, which starts with your free consultation! So come on by; that smile isn’t going to fix itself!