Get a Brighter Smile

Dr. Carter and his team can help brighten your smile with in-office teeth whitening at Smile Studio in Zachary.

You only get one smile, and we believe you should love yours. Having a bright smile can change your life, and Smile Studio is here for you.

"I absolutely love it here. This was my first visit, and I could not be more pleased. The dental hygienist was awesome, thorough, and amazing."

- Allegra F.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

With Zoom teeth whitening at Smile Studio, you can get a noticeably whiter smile in less than an hour.

How It Works

We’ll cover your lips and gums, leaving your teeth exposed to get started. Next, we’ll apply the Zoom whitening gel to your teeth. This gel works with the Zoom light to penetrate your teeth and break up stains and discoloration.

We’ll leave the gel on your teeth for 15 minutes while the light is activated. This process is entirely pain-free, so you can sit back and relax.

The entire treatment includes up to four 15-minute sessions of light activation for a total of 60 minutes. After your treatment is complete, Dr. Carter will apply a sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste-gel to your teeth.

Zoom teeth whitening is a great way to get a brighter smile, with lasting results ranging from six to eight shades whiter than when you started.

Differences Between
In-Office & At-Home Teeth Whitening

The main difference between at-home and in-office teeth whitening treatment is peroxide levels. Whitening methods used by a trained professional will have slightly higher peroxide levels than those used at home.

At Smile Studio, we offer safe, effective options for teeth whitening that fit your lifestyle. Remember, it’s always more reliable to trust your dental care to a professional than kits you can order online!

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How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

As with any procedure, the cost of teeth whitening will vary. It depends on which treatment option you choose for whitening, how much treatment you need, and how many appointments are necessary to see the results you want.

Here at Smile Studio, we offer a variety of payment plans to ensure treatment is always affordable and fits your lifestyle.

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Let’s Get Started

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